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Friday, June 25, 2010

The Ballad of Josh Wright, Part the First

Are you a girl?
Ae you planning on attending The King's College as a proud member of the class of 2014?

If you are reading these words, you must be a proud young female member of King's class of 2014. Allow me to direct your attention to the King's College's finest, Josh Wright (see below).

He likes to read about Philosophy and Theology (but dont try to talking to him about Politics, unless you want to be reminded of JUST how worldly you really are). He considered leaving the King's College because they refused to provide his top choice of degree (PPE with a concentration in Stephen Hawking).

I know what you are thinking. "Where can I get one of these Josh Wrights? At a department store? Mail order service? What must I do??" Unfortunately, it may be too late.

Through the use of his wit and his nimble typing fingers, Josh was able to get one of your classmates to say this to him: "You, sir, are hilarious. Please don't leave; I want to meet you".

Intrigued? Jealous? You can follow the rest of this particular interchange, and butt in to press your own claim to courtship, by friending him on Facebook. If that leaves you wanting more (and it will) you can also digest the gurglings of his brilliant mind on twitter ( , and keep up with his cunningly crafted essays and anecdotes at Killing off Bunbury

Act now. Dont wait. Call today. This guy is going faster than Rabinowitz' free steak knives.

Who will stand under his umbarella?

Sunday, June 20, 2010

A Renaissance Man

"A complete gentleman...ought to dress well, dance well, fence well, have a genius for love letters, and an agreeable voice for a chamber"


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

England Squad Suits

The Chap's review of the official suits of the English football team:

"The England suit has been described as “sculpted to a modern British block with sleeve head roll shoulders for a classic fitting, slim silhouette. Additional styling details include narrower lapels, slanted pockets, four button cuffs and a decadent red puppy tooth check lining. The four-button waistcoat gives added style kudos and maintains the refined look.” Fine, if the desired look is that of a gang about to turn nasty because staff from a rival firm of estate agents have erected a For Sale sign on one of their key properties."

Or perhaps a photo from the House of Churchill retreat.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Reading List

Inspired by my friends and fellow bloggers Josh Wright and Carina Chavarria-Chairez, I am going to make a post about my current reading list. I was originally going to say summer reading list, but I have to be real with myself and acknowledge that I will fail to read all of these before the summer is over, and that I will also read books this summer that aren't on this list. Therefore, take this post as more of a snap-shot of what you might find in one of the stacks of books littering my chambers.



The Four Loves - CS Lewis
Mere Christianity - CS Lewis
The Problem of Pain - CS Lewis
Guilt, Anger, and God - C. Allison
No Peace with Rome - Joseph Hall
Demonic Possession - Collection of Essays, I forget the Editor's name
A Country Parson's Advice to his Parishioners - Anonymous

Political / Historical

Empire - Niall Ferguson
Diplomacy - Henry Kissinger
Does America Need a Foreign Policy? - Henry Kissinger
The Conservative Mind From Burke to Eliot - Russell Kirk
Reflections on the French Revolution - Burke
Utilitarianism, Liberty, and Representative Government - J.S. Mill
Confessions of an Economic Hitman - John Perkins
Spies for Hire - Tim Shorrock


Lifemanship - Stephen Potter
One-upmanship - Stephen Potter
How to Read a Book - Mortimer J. Adler
Get a Financial Life: Personal Finance in your 20s and 30s - Beth Kobliner


The Memoirs of Barry Lyndon, Esq. - Thackeray
The Private Memoirs and Confessions of a Justified Sinner - James Hogg
Guy Mannering - Sir Walter Scott
The Wheel of Time Series - Robert Jordan
The Once and Future King - White

And there we have it.